Amrta signifies what is Immortal and is Priceless.

Derived from Devanagari, The name has its origin in Amrit, the nectar drunk by devas.

By partaking it, the devas were able to attain a higher level of knowledge and power, which they had lost due to the curse of Sage Durvasa.

For us, Art is the highest pioneer of immortality and the roots of our inspiration. We believe in creating contemporary clothing with exceptional craftsmanship that will be adorned by you, and will forever be a part of your priceless memories. Our vision is to create an iconic Indian brand with a global appeal and a pure luxury true to its roots.

AMRTA –is a dreamer, a lover, elegantly ethereal, and romantic at heart. She’s a connoisseur of everything beautiful and is in love with art, travel and culture. She is a creative-minded woman, who cherishes life and wants to look like herself, not the masses. She has a sense of adventure about what she wears, and although fashion is important to her, her choices are more driven by Real Beauty, Culture and Nature than governed by the latest trends.

To her, AMRTA is a portal of discovery - a brush to express her innermost self. AMRTA is rich in detail, flattering silhouettes, soft hues, and intricate fluid fabrics, Georgettes, cottons and silks with an emphasis on whimsical hand-embroidery, beadings, Sequins and enchanting Victorian-inspired romantic silhouettes and detailing.

Our idea is to create a piece for every occasion, every wardrobe and every celebration. We believe in creating occasion wear that is ideal for when you want to dance your heart out to when you feel like retreating in nature's cocoon. Our aim is to create season less clothing for all year round, and for every mood!

Founders Journey - Embracing sophisticated femininity and strength, AMRTA is founded by our Creative Director, Guneet Kondal while immersed in her Fashion Career.

After designing and producing women’s apparel, décor and lifestyle products for Fashion retailers and Fashion Houses across the globe for 17 years, AMRTA is a long-awaited dream to recreate the Indian aesthetics enriched with her inspirations from travel and her experience from fashion industry.

She strongly believes that there is her community who will truly love and embrace the handwriting from Amrta.

Born and raised in the Capital of India and a lover of culture, nature, romanticism and inspired by everything beautiful, AMRTA is an extension of Guneet’s world, rooted in travel and forever inspired by creative and beautiful minded people. Amrta envisions to cater to the lifestyle of our five muses: soft & delicate, boho Chic, easy cool, elegant classic and modern sporty.